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Pes 2016 smoke 2016 patch

Где добавлены новые команды, лиги, лица и многое другое. Download PES2016 SMoKE Patch v8. FULL VERSION, FULL TRANSFER, CORRECT TEAMS NAME AND LOGO.

I want to begin a new master league with this patch but i am afraid of new update make me start from beginning.

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Sorry, but alrady solved, did a clean installation of patch and hd pitch and now is working, might have been some kind of mess when trying to install other turfs. If it´s possible you can do Estarlen´s one for this patch would be great, thanks! I say thank you the help, the setup very nicely successful, but following the filling of the menu the match the pro evolution the 2016 functions of soccer cease. Translator I write indulgence with a program the for mistakes.

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Are your commentary addons in your page corrected for some languages? It is known that for spanish language commentaries the ML player have pes 2015 names instead of current (ej. I have problem, do i need to install something prior it says SMK07_st2. Spk missing and stop installing the patch. Can i download first 7 parts from mega, then 8 till 12 from mediafire? During matches Bazoer´s face looks buggy, most of the head is pink, but only while playing, in replays you can see it perfectly without bug.

Would be great if you could fix this in update. THIS IS RIDICULOUS,YOU ALL PES PATCH MAKERS ARE THE SAME.

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Pes Smoke HOW CAN YOU NOT ADD THE BULGARIAN CHAMPION LUDOGORETS RAZGRAD,who played last year in the Champions LEague GROUP STAGE AGAINTS REAL MADRID AND LIVERPOOL? WE BEAT STEAUA 3-0 one WEEK AGO in a friendly MATCH,and THEY ARE INCLUDED? EXCUSE ME,but WHO ARE DILA GORI? WHY DOES they deserve to be in the patch,but not our team? THERE ARE MILLION BULGARIANS SEARCHING FOR A PATCH HAVING BULGARIAN TEAMS (mostly LUDOGORETS)! Lame teams that reached Europa League group stage for first time in a decade. LUDOGORETS is playing in the professional football for 4 years and we already had a match against VALENCIA in LEAGUE EUROPE KNOCKOUT PHASE and in Champions League vs amazing teams.

Million copies of the game sold in WHOLE EUROPE counting all platforms (only 0. M in PC), but there are MILLION Bulgarians searching for a patch having bulgarian teams?

When you’re transferring players to other teams, you should change the game planes as in the most of team goalkeepers are on striking positions. So many bugs in this patch. I liked it only because of new teams added, I mean these which play in Europa League this season, etc. I knew that playing an old save might be pointless, because of the new features in the patch installed. So, I went to Exhibition Match and I was looking for a team to play in Master League, then I noticed these errors that I’ve mentioned before.

PES 2016 SMoKE Patch 82 FULL update 822

I tried to fix them by myself but then I stopped because there was so many of them and fixing it was pointless. Do not know if that happened to others. Tried to watch tutorials and shit and then it worked. But how do we add new cpk’s? I use baris dpfilelist generator 1. Tell me guys, if I use the patch would it be ok with the following Konami updates? I’m playing Steam version and I need PTE Patch for kits and emblems mostly. Can i play online to my friend with this added content?

Can you add georgia national football team to next update? Fixed it by reinstalling and not using online. However, those HD pitch ad-ons are HORRIBLE. Estarlen Silva has the BEST HD grass. You should use it instead.

Скачать PES 2016 SMoKE Patch V82 by dido бесплатно

Dear developer, paying attention to this problem! Dear developers have paid attention to this problem! Hello, thanks for this new patch, but, tell me please, are you that it’s working in online mode? Probably have a problem when i play online, if say that i can’t join this session, otherwise, i tested the patch 8. And it worked perfectly, i tested the 8. Version in my pc and the pc of my friend, but the same problem, we can’t play online, please if that’s true, give us the fix tool or something like this. Okay, it will be awsome because i really like and follow your patch every updates.

May i know how much you stay to give it? Excellent patch, the only missing the national team`s uniforms specially America, and the front number in Europe. And the faces and hairs from the previous version of the patch were better than the original KONAMI. The strip of borussia dortmund is not true (the number) and many other teams certainly from bundesliga and (new york city, red bull city) please try to correct these mistakes in the update. Hi, great patch, amazing faces and boots collection.

I have a serious problem though, probably a bug, but, I cannot see the logos of any other teams in the ML, not in the menu, not during the game, can only see the logo of my team. I have installed the patch according to the instructions, and no, haven’t installed anything after the installation. Even tried un-installing the game and patching it to a fresh copy, still no luck, no logos every show up on the master league. I get application error 0xc0000142 whenever I run the pes2016.

I have installed it over and over again choosing different install options but still no go.

SMoKE Patch 82 PES 2016

It crashes at the kick off stage when I choose “do not install exe” option. I have also tried adding the exe and settings exe to the list using dxcpl. Sorry, for prev post. SMOKE, pls tell me why all new players have wrong shirt numbers? For example Januzaj number 3 instead of 11, pato has 7 instead of 11, amelia has 20 instead of 32 etc?

PES 2016 SMoKE Patch 83 Full

Is it real like this or I have a wrong OF or something like that? Which version of Pes should I install b4 I will install patch? Should I use clear license or 1. No, you can’t play matchs online, it’s work online without playing matchs. Tnx for answer Smoke, and pls tell me how can I add faces into your patch? Can generate em over your file? There are 2 extra cpk included with the patch, make your cpk the same name and replace, dont use dplist generator. Sane from Schalke face are black but hand are white, many player of Darmstadt nationality are wrong, E.

Buendia are double in Getafe, A. Kramaric from TSG Hoffenheim face are black should be white, please fix all of that and sorry for my bad english. I’m using the patch with HD pitch add-on. Everything is fine, many faces, etc, but the lights and pitch sometimes are terribly bad. I’m playing MU at master league and sometimes there is like a fog and lights are horrible. Turfs also are very bad, is there any way I can use or you can adapt Estarlen ones without those modifications to light settings? Lights are very bad at Old Trafford.

Some matches look great and others simply look weird. Those effects are terrible, any way to switch them off?

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HD turfs also are very bad. Any way to substitute them with other ones? Until then you can revert to default smoke turfs by reinstalling the patch or use (smoke addon remover) when it is released. The paych default turfs are in high quality. Since there is no new update of pesgalaxy, I am going to try this one. Can anyone make South African teams? Hello dido_smoke, great patch you made “the best patch ever”.

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But can you please fix the players with the floating hair above their heads, and some faces. MEGA links part 8 to 12 are missing. Dear Dido_SMoKE, we really enjoy with you patch and thank you for giving us this pleasure. My issue is that i installed your patch[ disabled antivirus ] but it missing faces of legends.

I also want to put face of my idol BATISTUTA so how can i put in the patch. Dp fil list generator only 10 visage beacause your patch “utilisent” 15 cpk already.

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